The Wade Brothers



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The Wade Brothers, Directors + Photographers


"The Wade Brothers are the sorts of people who make you feel like you want to shave your head, grow a shapely beard and move to Kansas so you can frolic in their skate park studio and casually set things on fire.

The Wade Brothers are not photographers, they’re visionaries. They are inspired only by their united autonomous lunacy. And it’s palpably infectious and entirely uncontrived. Imagine commissioning a technically flawless photographer, a man who knows his stuff, knows exactly who he is and who he isn’t. Imagine that he can read what the client wants, he knows how to push it, he knows what ‘content’ actually means and then double that human. Two best friends with the same eyes and the same brain, and you’ve got The Wades. And, in my opinion, the equivalent of a Creative Director’s wet dream.

They’re those sorts of people, leather-clad genius and badass."

Behind the scenes