client: — The Obvious Choice

Broadcast Video

Left: Business
Right: Leisure

We shot this campaign in Montenegro, as it's beautiful & relatively untouristed which allowed us to shoot freely in 2 different hotels. The hotels were essentially empty, save for a smattering of Russian oligarchs & either their wives or girlfriends (or both).

We were strongly advised not to photograph anyone who wasn’t in our crew, which helped me concentrate on the actors & monitors & literally NOT LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE. On a positive note, the breakfast waffles came with both chocolate sauce AND maple syrup with blowtorch glazed bananas on the side…👍

Captain Obvious was a dream to work with, having played the role for some years knew EXACTLY how his character would respond in given situations, so was a terrific collaborator. He had never had the chance to sing & dance before so that was super-fun. OBVIOUSLY

Director: Jonnie Malachi
Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky

Checking In With Captain Obvious 


Live Action + Editorial

These campaigns for – 'Checking In With Captain Obvious' & ‘The Obvious Choice’, shot by The Wade Brothers – light-heartedly bring to life a funny character that has existed in pop culture for decades.  Through creative execution, debuts a fictional world traveler and the brand’s new biggest fan, Captain Obvious.

Titles: Labor Day, April Fool’s, Happy Mother’s Day, The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Directors: The Wade Brothers
Post-Production: Jon Bazata (RW2)
Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky



Still Photography + Retouching

“We handled the global print campaign and all the online content. Working with a improv and stand up comic was an absolute pleasure and kept us laughing all day.”

Campaign: The Obvious Choice
Photographers: The Wade Brothers
Retouching: Realfake
Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky