client: Home Helpers

Home Helpers — Jeff

Live action

Home Helpers was a testament to the goodness of others. The pieces, five in all, were shot all over the country in the span of three weeks by A Collective Us.

We had been contacted by Drive Media House in Cincinnati to tell the stories of five incredibly wonderful humans that had really given their lives to helping people in need; people with PTSD, mental disabilities, Alzheimer's, people with handicaps that made it impossible for them to live a normal self sustaining life. 

Home Helpers - Craig / Brenda


Live action

Left: Craig
Right: Brenda
Agency: Drive Media

The job was an emotional one. A lot of time leading up to the shoots was spent on the phone talking to our talent, getting to know them and letting them get to know us, which helped everyone feel comfortable when it came to shoot.  It was a very heavy and rewarding three weeks; it really makes you grateful for what you have, who you are and how lucky we are to be born and live our lives the way we do.

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